Dr. Nancylee Bielawski is certified in Equine Spinal Manipulation Therapy.

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                                        What is Spinal Manipulation Therapy for Horses?

                                                               by Nancylee Bielawski DVM CVMMP

  •  Spinal Manipulation in horses is analogous to Chiropractic in humans. It is also called V.S.M.T.  (Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy)  or  E.V.M.M. ( Equine Veterinary Medical Manipulation) 

  • The treatment is drug-free and non-invasive and most horses really enjoy it. The entire horse is palpated:  TMJ, poll, neck, front legs, feet, shoulders, back, ribs, pelvis, sacrum, hindlegs, hips, and hind feet, all the way to the tail. 

  • The palpation is performed in a very specific manner in order to identify problem areas involving the joints of the spine and limbs. Then, any restrictions in range of motion are treated with a direct and specific targeted adjustment.  

  • We do not use any hammers, boards, or any other implements.  A small person is able to adjust a large horse as long as one can achieve the correct angle of contact through the joints. Adjustments are a quick, specifically directed bursts of motion based on the anatomy. There is no extreme force used or even needed. ​


Spinal Manipulation is a great way to increase range of motion, and suppleness, and improve muscle tone and overall well-being. Most horses enjoy the palpation almost as much as the treatments.

​                                                                         Is it right for my horse?

             The short answer is yes! any horse can benefit, but what does that really mean?  

  • VSMT is a strong modality. We are working to have an effect on the nervous system, especially the neuro-muscular system. Muscles need regular and healthy nerve stimulation in order to remain strong and robust.

  • That is what you do when you 'train', you are training and working the neuro-muscular system. Remember the old adage " Use it or lose it"?  This principle applies to the brain as well as the muscles.

  • VSMT is a specific approach to providing healthy stimulation to the nervous system. Considering this, it is beneficial for any horse, from older horses who may be 'slowing down and seem stiff" to your performance horse.  

  • This is a superior modality for competition horses to keep them in top form without the use of any drugs, thus there is no withdrawal time for horse shows.

  • Senior horses will benefit from this therapy by helping to keep their joints moving freely. VSMT may assist horses who seem to never get better or have a recurrent injury to the same area.

  •  Spinal manipulation is a great follow-up after dentistry to help offset any soreness incurred from the speculum and headset during this very important procedure.

  • It is also beneficial to do, in the appropriate timeframe, if your horse has had any trauma, such as getting kicked, running into a fence, slipping and falling in the mud, etc, or even just after an unusually long /hard ride to help recovery. Spinal Manipulation is very well combined with acupuncture ( laser or needle) they can be done at the same time.                                                                         

An important clarification of terminology-

In Florida, the term:  Spinal Manipulative Therapy is applied to animals, in a similar way Chiropractic is applied to humans.

**A Chiropractor ( D.C.), is an individual who is has earned a Doctor of Chiropractic degree to work on humans.  

**A Veterinarian  ( D.V.M),  is an individual who has earned a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine to work on animals.  

So, a D.C does not equal D.V.M. they are different 4-year degrees.  

Dr. Bielawski ( a licensed veterinarian) has completed a Post-Doctorate course in Spinal Manipulation of Horses.

Please Stay Tuned for more info and details as we offer them!

Dr. Nancylee Bielawski is certified in Equine Spinal Manipulation Therapy. She completed a 128 hour CE course and is officially a Certified Veterinary Medical Manipulation Practitioner (C.V.M.M.P)  

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