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Routine Wellness and Veterinary Care 


(Common core vaccines recommendations are based on the guidelines developed by the American Association of Equine Practitioners.) 


Eastern/Western Encephalitis plus Tetanus ( EWT)

West Nile Virus ( WN)    

Influenza and Rhinnopneumonitis (Flu/Rhino /EHV)

Rabies virus vaccine  ( RV)


Horses in Florida are at a greater risk of exposure to diseases transmitted by Mosquitoes. If you live in Florida, you are likely very well aware that mosquitoes never seem to die off and give our horses a break. 

Typically, diseases transmitted by mosquitoes that cause Neurologic Diseases in the Tampa Bay area include: ( but not limited to )

- Eastern Equine Encepalitis  (EEE)      link to APHIS/ USDA fact sheet for EEE     Link to reported EEE cases/ map 2013

-Western Equine Encephaitis  ( WEE)  


-Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis ( VEE)

-West Nile Virus  (WNV)                              link to Fl Dept of Agriculture Info sheet about West Nile Virus in horses

-Tetanus is always included in the EWT Combo.

-Tetanus Vaccine is recommended annually at a minimum, plus a booster if a wound occurs more than 6 months from vaccine.

**Horses are extremely sensitive to Tetanus, therefore  regular boosters are recommended, especially when there is a laceration... ( The bacteria that causes Tetanus is found in soil,, dust, horse manure and rusty metal)**

Rabies vaccine                                              Rabies stats and info from  Univ Florida

Given  Annually and most clients opt to booster for Rabies at the same time as Coggins as both are one a year.

Flu/Rhino vacines:

Flu:  (Influenza)   upper respiratory signs 

Rhino ( Rhinopneumonitis / Equine Herpes Virus 1 and 4, EHV 1 / EHV 4) Respiratory disease, abortion and neurolgic disease

Other diseases that may be vaccinated against include, but not limited to : Strangles, Potomac Horse Fever, Botulism, Rotavirus, EVA....You will need to speak with a veterinarian to determine if your horse needs any of these vaccines.

Please feel free to contact us for more info and to schedule an appointment!