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Meghan Rulli Valrico, FloridaMy name is Meghan Rulli, I am a hunter/ jumper rider, and have been a client of Dr. Nancylee Bielawski for two years. Throughout these two years, we have been through a lot. A year ago, my horse a level three jumper, had an unfortunate encounter with a farrier. Eventually, my horse was lame, he could not walk, would not even get up for his feed. For my spunky, seven year old jumper, this was not normal by any means. We were then told by three veterinarians and one trainer to put my horse down. On top of his feet problems, he also was experiencing back soreness and stifle issues. When I called Dr. Bielawski out she did an evaluation; her prior knowledge of practicing in the field of lameness helped us in more ways than one. She simply diagnosed him as an "onion" not something that could not be fixed. For starters, she was the first person to tell me that there is a chance for my horse and to not give up. She evaluated him and we found out that my saddle was three sizes too small- he is a tank! Throughout a course of monthly treatments, I saw the most improvement in my three-legged-lame horse. He was finally walking comfortably and happy. While he was "down and out", Dr. Bielawski assisted me in finding a proper fitting saddle. However, going into my horse's first acupuncture treatment, I was a skeptic. But, after watching my horse finally relax on his "bad Leg" and seeing him fall asleep I was convinced! The wonderful thing about the acupuncture treatment is that there are many options for every type of horse. In addition, your horse not only will be more comfortable in his back but all over.Now, almost two years from my horse's injury he is back doing three-foot hunters- more than anyone ever expected! I still do routine maintenance acupuncture sessions. Dr. Bielawski is a God send, I am so thankful for her time, patience, and knowledge! I would fully recommend acupuncture treatments and the Chinese Herbs to trail horses all the way to top performance horses. It will relax them and ensure a strong back for the ultimate performance!

A few words from clients...

Samantha Breneisen & Shaida, Florida
I contacted Tampa Bay Equine Practice; LLC after my young pony was having a great deal of back soreness due to a bad saddle fitting. He was having problems in training and it wasn’t until Dr. Nancylee came to evaluate him that I realized he had been trying to tell me that he was in pain for quite a while. I had just put his disobedience down to being a green pony. Also, he is not a good sweater and living in Florida it was worrying in the summer months. Dr.Nancylee was also able to help his sweating problems with acupuncture and I saw results on the very next ride. I have heard of horse owners that had to move their horse to a different state or like a friend who had given up her daughters pony because on non-sweating. At first I was wondering how he would deal with needles but at his first treatment I could tell by his relieved, relaxed demeanor that he was getting immediate relief. After a couple more visits from Dr.Nancylee his back has filled out and is now nice and flat and he is a very happy pony. If you are having any training problems or know that your horse/pony has back soreness then I would definitely recommend that you call Dr. Nancylee, she is very knowledgeable and professional. She is always there for any questions or concerns I have about my pony and his treatment and is definitely the first person I would call if my pony is showing signs of pain in any area.
Lizanne Quinn,Certified Equine Sports Massage TherapistPresident Asset Intervention, Inc.www.HarmonyTouch.com
Dear Fellow Horse Enthusiast:I am writing this letter to express my resounding recommendation and gratitude with respect to the services Dr. Nancylee Bielawski, DVM whom I have known personally and professionally for 5 or 6 years. I personally am a lifetime horse owner. I came to know Dr. Bielawski when she was my vet for my 4 horses and at my barn in North Tampa. Beyond her practice of traditional veterinary medicine, I came to know her and use her equine acupuncture for my own horses and horses whom I have boarded for others. Dr. Bielawski is not only a skilled clinical vet, she is an amazing equine practitioner with whom I have shared many stressful and critical experiences (most horse emergencies are!).I have witnessed equine acupuncture work on my old gelding who had was suffering a painful colic. I had the banamine drawn, the vet on call to the ng tubing and oiling, but figured I would give the acupuncture a try first, just to see if a less invasive protocol would work on my old 20+ year gelding. I saw her stick needles in his face and under his eyes and then I watched him relax from the pain and start licking his lips and immediately poop out the other end. Any horse owner would know how this colic experience goes and believe me, this was an unusual experience to say the least. The horse then went over and drank water and episode was over!Personally, I have seen equine acupuncture cure 3 non-sweaters from deadly anhidrosis last summer when nothing else would work! Two sessions and we had sweating. All non-sweaters sweating!However, the most amazing thing I have ever seen was when my twenty year old miniature horse dislocated her hip in the pasture one day. Weeks of treatments and thousands of dollars, including surgery, could not mend her. She was according to all experts - and she saw them all – unmendable. We decided to put her down. No leg, no horse. Well Dr. Bielawski came out for weeks to treat her conventionally and she was going to be the one to put her down, or so we thought. Dr. Bielawski could not put down a miniature horse with 3 working legs without a fight and I was unsure what to think. It was her opinion that the mini, whose name is Meadow, could get used to her situation and possibly with the proper treatment of massage and acupuncture, use the leg – not to full capacity – but maybe in SOME capacity. We all were shocked and very skeptical. Three years later, Meadow grazes, runs, lays down, gets up, chases dogs, bucks, still only has 3 working legs, but LOVES her acupuncture and we literally see her muscles relax and the leg drops during a treatment. This Memorial Day will make 4 years!Dr. Nancylee Bielawski is one of the finest equine professionals I know and an extremely professional and caring practitioner. I am honored to be her client and even more honored to call her my friend. She is open to all her clients and I would say nothing but great things about her practice and her personally.
Jill MillsTwo Mills FarmValrico, FL
As horse owners, we all want to do anything we can to help with our horse's comfort and flexibility and to keep them happy and productive no matter what discipline we participate in. I have had Dr. Bielawski work on my horses for a variety of reasons. Whether is was back soreness due to saddle issues, stiff hocks from age or wear and tear or horses coming off an injury, I have found acupuncture to be a vital part of their recovery. Working in partnership with my veterinarian, Dr. Bielawski has help my hard working fox hunters and show ring hunters stay comfortable and increase their flexibility and ease stiffness in their muscles and joints. She is highly knowledgeable and obviously cares deeply for the horses on which she works. As a riding instructor, I recommend acupuncture to my students for their horses as well.
Megan Frazier and   "Casey"Valrico, Fl
Megan Frazier My horse, Casey, has had a long career. He was a racehorse, show horse, and school horse. He's suffered though bad saddle fit, stressful training, and quiet a bit of pain. This also made him a monster to ride!!! Bolting, pulling, bucking, running out at fences, etc... Since I've introduced him to Tampa Bay Equine Practice's acupuncture, my horse moves like he's 10 instead of 18! Dr. Nancylee has her own form of magic. After a session, Casey floats in his gaits, frames up & jumps more readily, and his over all attitude is much happier! Casey loves Dr. Nancylee and totally starts to relax under her touch without even a needle being inserted. Happy horse = Happy Megan.